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Clearing space to grace you with a

Peace of Mind


State of Space offers a variety of services in and around the Philadelphia area including:

  • Closet cleanout

  • Filing system organization

  • Basement/garage organization

  • Creating home office space

  • Organizing space for growing kids

More Info

State of Space

Think of an area in your home that gives you agita. Maybe it’s the Tupperware that spills out of the kitchen cabinet every time it’s opened. Or is it the vacuum that you don’t want to drag up from the basement every time you need it? Perhaps it’s the cords that get knotted up next to your bed. State of Space helps simplify your space, so it works better for you. There is no judgment. Organizing is my passion; helping others relax and enjoy their life is a bonus!


Check out different tools for your house, vehicle and travel to help keep you organized.

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